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Bonjour + Hola is a source for inspiration that covers everything from beauty and fashion trends to home and entertaining ideas.


I started Bonjour + Hola back in 2011 while working at a fashion magazine in NYC. After being surrounded by all things editorial, I was motivated to create a blog, inspire others, and have a site housing all of my favorite things. And since I had absolutely no idea about how to create a blog {or a social media presence in general}, I decided to take blogging and photography classes after work for a few months, learn the ropes of the blogosphere and slowly {but surely!} launched B+H.

Born and raised in Nashville, the tagline grew into Trends. Travel. Taste…Through the Eyes of a Southern Belle.

After years of writing Bonjour + Hola, the light bulb finally clicked that social media, partnerships and events was my passion. I love getting inspired, creative and telling a story behind a camera lens. I can’t begin to express the amazing things that can happen when you truly love what you’re doing!

If it had not been for the passion behind Bonjour + Hola, I would not be in my current job at one of the top creative agencies that I absolutely love getting up for every morning. Each day brings a new opportunity, and although my story is still being written, the excitement of new adventures, risks and opportunities keep this girl smiling wide.

Bonjour + Hola has become not only an inspiration for me to get out and about, explore, learn and rave about all the things I love, but I hope that it becomes a source of inspiration for you on a daily basis as well. Thank you for your continued support!

Xx Elizabeth

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