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Category: DIY


Remember that terrifying feeling when you had to leave your parents for the first time to trot off to a little place called college? I certainly do. I mean, a Southern Belle heading up to the unknown North? Horrified was an understatement. Hey y’all! But nothing {absolutely nothing} could have prepared me for the pain [...]

Preparing For All Things Guac-Off

After hearing “I make the best guac, ever” about three times each day from friends to strangers on the street, I finally put an ole in my two step and declared it was finally a must to host a Guac-Off. Oh, yes! Well, that was a few years ago! And since then, the event has [...]

Friday Refreshments

Cheers to a fabulous weekend filled with salty toes + sandy kisses + refreshing cucumber martinis. Happy Friday! Hola. Cucumber Martini Recipe 1 1/2 cups gin 1 cucumber (about 9 ounces), cut into 1/3-inch-thick slices, plus 6 thin slices for garnish 2 tablespoons (or more) dry vermouth Ice cubes [...]

Get Luminous with LUNA

With it being the most vital time {hola chicos!} to sport a summer glow, it’s official: we need step up our beauty routines with a reliable, futuristic solution. Immediately. So when I heard about a new TSonic pulsation device called Foreo LUNA mini just released into the market, I was all ears. Not only does [...]


I don’t know about you, but on a holiday weekend I am all about keeping my laptop turned off and cell on silent, while flaunting a bikini with my feet in the sand or the pool…at all times. And not only do I love to carry this lazy, not a care in the world holiday [...]

Goodnight Moon

I don’t know about you…but having mucho caffeine throughout the day, phone calls boosting the levels of stress, and falling asleep amongst a city of bright lights, it can be incredibly hard to calm down from the crazy day and actually hit the sheets like a regular 20-something year old. But after being given a [...]

Caffeine Kick Cubes

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s really hot outside. Umm…highly bolding the saying some days are a total waste of a blowout with this humidity right about now too! Hola. But after reading this delicious post on Designlovefest featuring the perfect mocha shake, my eyes jolted right to their coffee iced cubes used in the [...]

Organizing For The Casa To The Jet Plane!

Now that I’m back in action in NYC, there’s some travel secret musts I just have to share! Before jetting down to South Beach this past weekend with my girl Jade, I pranced into The Container Store near my apartment and absolutely fell in love with their travel section. Did I mention it’s all on [...]

Create Macarons In Your Casa…Payard Style!

I’ve always admired the brilliant work of Francois Payard. Not only did he bring the first macaron to the States, but he continuously amazes his fans with innovative launches + expansions. And since I moved to NYC, he has been such a kind friend showing me the in’s + out’s of his talent {click here [...]

Taco Mamacita Salad

Hola señoritas! In case you haven’t noticed, Cinco de Mayo marks summer being right around the sombrero. And if you’re anything like me + looking forward to prancing around the Hamptons this summer in a bikini, then keep reading…Hola! It’s officially time to start cutting back the cals, working out more, and eating healthier so [...]

Blueberry Coconut Morning Porridge

Tired of spending way too much money on a recovery smoothie post workout? Well, I’m not sure how it is in your cities, but in NYC the place I love to get smoothies is a whopping $12…and to maintain the lifestyle I like that’s just not going to cut it with my piggy bank. So [...]

Every Mother Counts With Minted

It’s never too early to be thinking about the day of celebrating all the mamas! But instead of sending her the generic card of “thanks for being an awesome mom” or a flower delivery to the house, how about we step up our game this year? All for a good cause, of course. Hola! Minted, [...]