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Looking for the perfect way to combine your love of Valentine’s Day and share the love to your closest with the mostest? Why not throw a last-minute VDAY dinner party this weekend? Hola! Actually, I did just that earlier this week at Casa Blanca to get friends excited about the all things red + pink [...]


I just looked up from my double-shot cappuccino and realized it’s officially February! Oh, HOW did the time fly by so fast since Friendsgiving? Well hunny, I have absolutely no excuse for the lack of posts the past few months. But, I do work full-time up in the city and was completing my real estate [...]


Between kicking off the busy holidays and adjusting to the ever-forgettable {absolutely freezing!} weather, there is one event I always look forward to hosting each year. That would be Friendsgiving! Hola. And with this year marking the Fourth Annual Friendsgiving dinner, it’s so much fun to not only remember the fun memories with this blessed [...]


Simple. Delicate. Beautiful. Those three graceful words are just a few that first come to mind when I think of the word flowers. But until I met Angelica Gomes, owner of the demandingly fabulous flower brand Angelica Flowers and Events, I never knew you could combine, coordinate + create an upstanding masterpiece from a single [...]


Sitting over by Soho House’s pool, there’s no doubt you’ll meet someone innovative, creative and absolutely fabulous. So when I heard about this totally cool new + healthy brand called Spruts from my chairmate a few weeks back, it was a must I took her up on the offer of introducing me to the girl [...]


One of my favorite things about working in real estate is exploring the amazing market, new developments and the luxe flats around NYC. Some of which I have to admit are beyond breathtaking. And although I would love to keep what I see on a daily basis on the hush-hush, there’s absolutely no fun in [...]


When I first met Simone Nemirovsky way back when during an internship at Harper’s Bazaar magazine, I immediately knew this girl would not only be a lifelong friend, but was someone who would show her talents to the world in more than one way. And I have to admit, even as a freshman in college, [...]

Kitchensurfing: Find A Chef

I have to admit, when it comes to hosting a dinner party for more than just you and your Romeo, the hardest part about entertaining your guests is doing just that on top of preparing, cooking and serving the dishes…while trying to catch up with them all and enjoy the evening too! Well, a solution [...]

A Bonjour In Each Bite

Inspired by all things French, I was pleasantly delighted while walking through the busy Hell’s Kitchen to find a politely placed new spot titled: Poulette. Hola! Little did I know that this place not only just opened, but they actually specialize in serving the history of French cooking traditions. Main focus over at Poulette? That [...]

Housing The World Of Tech

Being a detail oriented señorita who loves everything revolving around blogging, photography and essentially, all things tech, you can imagine my excitement when I first placed my two feet onto B&H’s family owned floors back at age 13. It was mind blowing. The sounds, the energy, the friendly-faced staff, the products. All of it! And [...]


I Scream. You Scream. We All Scream for #OMGUBERICECREAM! Today from 11am-7pm, Uber is rolling onto the streets in ice cream trucks with the sole purpose of getting you icecreamified. Grab your napkins! WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. Ice cream trucks will be available from 11am-7pm and visible by choosing the ‘ice cream cone’ in [...]

The Butcher’s Daughter

Oh, Nolita. You never seize to amaze me! Between you’re creative vibe and restaurants filled with all of the delicious + divine, this girl is always satisfied. But, there’s one spot that deserves to be raved about…all hail to one of my all-time places to chill, catch up with the gals, or personal favorite, indulge [...]