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Category: All That Inspires {Chef Interviews}


When I first met Simone Nemirovsky way back when during an internship at Harper’s Bazaar magazine, I immediately knew this girl would not only be a lifelong friend, but was someone who would show her talents to the world in more than one way. And I have to admit, even as a freshman in college, [...]

Lavo’s Chopped “Louie” Salad

When you’re the executive chef at one of the most popular restaurants in NYC, it’s a given you’re a top tier chef, but being super quick in the kitchen is the way to satisfy a busy New Yorker’s appetite, and keep them coming back for more. So when I was pondering about perfect summer dishes to [...]

Create Macarons In Your Casa…Payard Style!

I’ve always admired the brilliant work of Francois Payard. Not only did he bring the first macaron to the States, but he continuously amazes his fans with innovative launches + expansions. And since I moved to NYC, he has been such a kind friend showing me the in’s + out’s of his talent {click here [...]

Mannerly Monday: Housing A Staff Full Of Givers

Since it’s Mannerly Monday and all, I couldn’t think of a better way to start off a plethora of gift guide posts than one about the gift of giving in itself. This past weekend while I was visiting my gracious family in Nashville, I had put at the top of my to-do list to hit [...]

A Spicy Kick To Nix The Cold Bit

With the cold air brewing on in, the last drink I want to be sippin’ post work is one that makes me feel, well, even colder! But, after getting to know David, a fabulous bartender over at ABC Kitchen, I totally found my new go-to {not to mention healthy!} cocktail to sip right on through [...]

Tie The Knot With Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Some brides splurge on their dress. Some brides splurge on their venue. Others, splurge on their cake! And I’m all over that sugary detail. Hola. And even though I am not even nearly close to having the wedding bells chime, I was ecstatic when Ron of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes invited me into his Soho bakery, [...]

A Treat For You After Being Tricked Out

Alright y’all! Hope you’re getting all boo-tified and ready for one fabulous night ahead. Between seeing all of the Miley Cyrus look-a-likes twerkin’ away to goblins galore, I cannot tell you how excited I am to get into the ‘ween spirit after work! Hola. And although the majority of us New Yorkers have the work [...]

Inspired From The Master of the Craft

From the moment I met my good friend, Francois Payard, three years ago at a foodie Harvard Club event, it has been an incredible ride of all things filled with culinary fun to spontaneity at its finest! But between him throwing me into his Soho bakery oven to us recently filming a top secret Payard [...]

It’s All About The Mini Things In Life

At recent W Magazine party during fashion week, I noticed the majority of the attendees were not only all about the over-sized Baked by Melissa gumball machine in the room, but were raving about how delicious these little bagel balls filled with cream cheese were…And yes, I’m talking about the models to designers to editors [...]

The Hip Way To Drink While You Think

Astor Wines & Spirits? That’s a go-to for any savvy winemaker to wine drinkers galore! But above the vine of this deluxe spirits mothership, there’s a place I’ve loved to go eat + drink + think for years. Hola! Located above its Lafayette Street shop, Astor Center is a state-of-the-art culinary facility that attracts all [...]

The Little Black Dress Of The Kitchen

After hearing the oohs and aahs coming from coworkers biting into these new mini munchies of heaven in NYC, it was a must I followed the trend and tried my first {and current favorite!} cookie. Hola! And although I was a tad health conscious about what I was inhaling, I was reassured that even if [...]

Husk: Housing True Tastes Of The South

“If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door,” says James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock. Brock, who recently opened Husk in May, has instantly made this place the hardest restaurant to get into in Nashville, Tn. After being a huge hit in Charleston, Husk Nashville is its sister restaurant and [...]