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Remember that terrifying feeling when you had to leave your parents for the first time to trot off to a little place called college? I certainly do. I mean, a Southern Belle heading up to the unknown North? Horrified was an understatement. Hey y’all! But nothing {absolutely nothing} could have prepared me for the pain [...]


Looking for the perfect way to combine your love of Valentine’s Day and share the love to your closest with the mostest? Why not throw a last-minute VDAY dinner party this weekend? Hola! Actually, I did just that earlier this week at Casa Blanca to get friends excited about the all things red + pink [...]


Many of my good friends are incredibly talented…they’re inspiring entrepreneurs to top executives to beauty innovators to you name it! Yep, I’m a lucky señorita. But one fine girl I’ve known since the “diaper years” has always stood out from the rest of us. Not only is she naturally brilliant, totally outgoing, {not to mention [...]


Umm…did I mention the GUAC-OFF winner’s recipe was published on Kendall-Jackson’s blog this week? Hola. And trust me, this is one not to miss…everyone has gone ole over it! But what’s the recipe without some pictures for guidance? Katie graciously came over to Casa Blanca this past Sunday for me to snap the recipe essential [...]

Kitchensurfing: Find A Chef

I have to admit, when it comes to hosting a dinner party for more than just you and your Romeo, the hardest part about entertaining your guests is doing just that on top of preparing, cooking and serving the dishes…while trying to catch up with them all and enjoy the evening too! Well, a solution [...]


#GuacSwag via Minted strategically placed? Check! K-J AVANT wine perfectly chilled and ready to be poured? Check, check! Dress zipped up and bouffant teased to the high heavens? Oh yes, hunny! The GUAC-OFF was officially in action and ready to rumba! Hola. And since the guest list doubled for this year’s event, it was a [...]

Preparing For All Things Guac-Off

After hearing “I make the best guac, ever” about three times each day from friends to strangers on the street, I finally put an ole in my two step and declared it was finally a must to host a Guac-Off. Oh, yes! Well, that was a few years ago! And since then, the event has [...]


I don’t know about you, but on a holiday weekend I am all about keeping my laptop turned off and cell on silent, while flaunting a bikini with my feet in the sand or the pool…at all times. And not only do I love to carry this lazy, not a care in the world holiday [...]

Lavo’s Chopped “Louie” Salad

When you’re the executive chef at one of the most popular restaurants in NYC, it’s a given you’re a top tier chef, but being super quick in the kitchen is the way to satisfy a busy New Yorker’s appetite, and keep them coming back for more. So when I was pondering about perfect summer dishes to [...]

Create Macarons In Your Casa…Payard Style!

I’ve always admired the brilliant work of Francois Payard. Not only did he bring the first macaron to the States, but he continuously amazes his fans with innovative launches + expansions. And since I moved to NYC, he has been such a kind friend showing me the in’s + out’s of his talent {click here [...]

Taco Mamacita Salad

Hola señoritas! In case you haven’t noticed, Cinco de Mayo marks summer being right around the sombrero. And if you’re anything like me + looking forward to prancing around the Hamptons this summer in a bikini, then keep reading…Hola! It’s officially time to start cutting back the cals, working out more, and eating healthier so [...]

Blueberry Coconut Morning Porridge

Tired of spending way too much money on a recovery smoothie post workout? Well, I’m not sure how it is in your cities, but in NYC the place I love to get smoothies is a whopping $12…and to maintain the lifestyle I like that’s just not going to cut it with my piggy bank. So [...]