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Category: Wine & All The Divine

Honey, MacPherson Shrunk The Ritz

Looking for a chill place to cozy up later this evening? Well, thanks to Sean MacPherson {aka the mastermind behind the Bowery Hotel, Maritime Hotel, The Jane…the list goes on!}, we don’t have to look further down than the reviving 8th street. Hola! Created with inspiration from his stays at the Hôtel de Saints Pères [...]

Sunshine Into Casa Blanca

Since it’s not quite picnic weather in NYC, I decided to bring my potential Central Park dinner idea into the walls of Casa Blanca this past weekend. Oh, yes. The place was filled with Nashville friends I’ve known since I was two years old, high school, college to friends I’ve recently met in between! And [...]

Perfect Sips To Wine Down Right

Although I shot these photos at my parent’s around Thanksgiving as “the perfect poison to bring for any holiday party” type of feature, the advice can actually be used in everyday life, not just in soirée season. From girls slumbers and award season dinner parties to my personal favorite of anything Valentine’s, every wine listed [...]

Tweet Over Like An Early Bird

After moving up by Central Park, it’s pretty rare that this señorita will make the trek below West Houston Street just for a dinner. But after reading and hearing raving reviews on how fabulous {and an absolute must!} it was to try Charlie Bird, I thought “why not tweet tweet on down and decide for [...]

Souled Up Bourbon…Kentucky Style!

Looking to spice up an upcoming soirée with some Southern soul? Why don’t you pull a bonjour and host a bourbon tasting {featuring two to three} during the rage! My favorite picks to let the guests sip + slurp? That would be these Kentucky gems! Hola. the key is to place them like a southern [...]


nyc tribe getting all festive in holiday gear at this fabulous flat Holiday parties are all about celebrating, dressing up to catch up, and my personal favorite: jingling + mingling. Hola! So when my boss decided it would be totally fun to combine our friends and throw a party at his listing overlooking Gramercy Park, [...]

Appreciation Of Wine

Heading to a holiday party soon? Dinner soirée, perhaps? Well, instead of walking in empty handed, let’s step up our holiday giving shall we? In a cheap yet stylish manner, of course. Hola! When I was visiting Nashville over Thanksgiving, I spotted this ultra holiday fab wine holder at a store called Absolution. Um…just about [...]

Friendsgiving…Casa Blanca Style!

Out of all the things I’m thankful for, which I could honestly write a month of posts about, I’m so blessed and lucky to have such a close group of friends in this whirlwind of a city. Between friends I’ve known since I was two years old to new friends I met just a few [...]

A Spicy Kick To Nix The Cold Bit

With the cold air brewing on in, the last drink I want to be sippin’ post work is one that makes me feel, well, even colder! But, after getting to know David, a fabulous bartender over at ABC Kitchen, I totally found my new go-to {not to mention healthy!} cocktail to sip right on through [...]

Southern Roots In City Lights

When you bring a Southerner to NYC, it’s almost like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get! And being a Southerner, I can totally say that with my teased bouffant held high, y’all. But when you bring the craftsmanship, the heritage, and the fine talent of a Southerner to the city, [...]

The Hip Way To Drink While You Think

Astor Wines & Spirits? That’s a go-to for any savvy winemaker to wine drinkers galore! But above the vine of this deluxe spirits mothership, there’s a place I’ve loved to go eat + drink + think for years. Hola! Located above its Lafayette Street shop, Astor Center is a state-of-the-art culinary facility that attracts all [...]

Wine Down Right With McFadden

I’ve always been a total vino senorita…I love the full-bodied reds, the crisp whites, the summer rosés…you name it! So when my good friend, Jameson McFadden, was telling me about how his family owns a winery in Mendocino County, California {home to the famed Russian River Valley}, I mentioned it would be totally fun for [...]