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Category: Being a Lady. Anywhere.


Looking for the perfect way to combine your love of Valentine’s Day and share the love to your closest with the mostest? Why not throw a last-minute VDAY dinner party this weekend? Hola! Actually, I did just that earlier this week at Casa Blanca to get friends excited about the all things red + pink [...]


In case you didn’t realize, it’s finally Friday! And oh, I am beyond ecstatic to hop on a plane after work tonight and head back home to the one and only, Music City. Why? Not only because the city is totally growing + thriving like never before, but one of my great friends growing up, [...]

RAOUL: Flaunt Fabulous, Anywhere

With these Spring days slowly fading into Summer nights, it’s always hard to find that balance of what brand to flaunt fashionably from the office to a rooftop soirée. Luckily, I’ve found my go-to for all things Jackie O. with a splash of modernized chic. Hola! Oh, RAOUL, what have I done without you since [...]

Scarves Are Springing This Mother’s Day

Looking for a bright way to make your mom smile wide this Mother’s Day? Well, LR Paris has got you covered with all of their exquisitely designed products, darling! Founded in 1959, LR Paris has been focusing on custom gifts and high-end products including porcelain plates to delectable items for Harry Winston {leather gifting galore [...]

Every Mother Counts With Minted

It’s never too early to be thinking about the day of celebrating all the mamas! But instead of sending her the generic card of “thanks for being an awesome mom” or a flower delivery to the house, how about we step up our game this year? All for a good cause, of course. Hola! Minted, [...]

The Castle Key To All Creativity

Hostess gifts? Casa essentials? Beauty touch-ups? Oh daaahling, I think we all know everything we could possibly need to elevate anyone’s day is right inside the mothership of ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway. Housing not only home furnishings {carpets, furniture, you name it}, two {soon to be three} eclectic restaurants and multiple guest speakers [...]

Why Flee Without Flight 001

Being a girl who loves to travel not only in the most efficient way possible but totally stress-free as well, I was beyond excited when I stumbled across the cutest shop in the heart of Greenwich Village called Flight 001. With all of their creative products designed to make your life easier while traveling, it’s [...]

Iconic Eyes On Warhol Canvases

When someone even remotely asks this girl who my favorite icon is for all things fashion, there is one remarkable woman I always reply: Jackie O, of course. Known for her classic look + elegant style, Jackie is one I always compare myself to before walking out the Casa Blanca doors. Would Jackie wear this? [...]

The Marimekko Of Joyful Living

Known for its upbeat colors, unique patterns and Finnish fabrics, Marimekko is one lifestyle brand not to miss. But, what is Marimekko? Oh darling…The name Marimekko is a play on words, yet completely descriptive. Mari is an anagram of the founder’s first name, Armi Ratia, while mekko means dress in Finnish. And it was indeed [...]

Higher The Hair, Closer To Heaven

Growing up in the South, I was given many lady-like tips about how to present myself in public. Whether it be responding “yes m’am or no sir” to any request or immediately placing my napkin onto my lap upon sitting at a table, I have to admit I was well-prepared of all things mannerly. Hola! [...]

Dazzling Flavor To All Paper

With all of the upcoming holidays, recent engagement announcments and parties galore, I thought it would be most appropriate to stop into my go-to for all things elegant and my personal favorite, paper. That’s Mrs. John L. Strong, of course. This mothership houses some of the most inspirational paper finds + creative little bits to [...]

An Evening Of Casa Bakesby Blanca

When I walked into Casa Blanca after work, I was so excited to focus on the last minute touches of Cheers, Old Sports! I set up a ton of LED lights under all of the tables + hallways + kitchen galore. It was a whole other world that night! Plus, I think we all know [...]