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Category: Photography

Housing The World Of Tech

Being a detail oriented señorita who loves everything revolving around blogging, photography and essentially, all things tech, you can imagine my excitement when I first placed my two feet onto B&H’s family owned floors back at age 13. It was mind blowing. The sounds, the energy, the friendly-faced staff, the products. All of it! And [...]

RAOUL: Flaunt Fabulous, Anywhere

With these Spring days slowly fading into Summer nights, it’s always hard to find that balance of what brand to flaunt fashionably from the office to a rooftop soirée. Luckily, I’ve found my go-to for all things Jackie O. with a splash of modernized chic. Hola! Oh, RAOUL, what have I done without you since [...]

Every Mother Counts With Minted

It’s never too early to be thinking about the day of celebrating all the mamas! But instead of sending her the generic card of “thanks for being an awesome mom” or a flower delivery to the house, how about we step up our game this year? All for a good cause, of course. Hola! Minted, [...]

Iconic Eyes On Warhol Canvases

When someone even remotely asks this girl who my favorite icon is for all things fashion, there is one remarkable woman I always reply: Jackie O, of course. Known for her classic look + elegant style, Jackie is one I always compare myself to before walking out the Casa Blanca doors. Would Jackie wear this? [...]

Dazzling Flavor To All Paper

With all of the upcoming holidays, recent engagement announcments and parties galore, I thought it would be most appropriate to stop into my go-to for all things elegant and my personal favorite, paper. That’s Mrs. John L. Strong, of course. This mothership houses some of the most inspirational paper finds + creative little bits to [...]

Pumped Up For Spring

When it comes to fashion, it’s all about sporting your individual mood, style and of course, your favorite trends. But how do you accent those one of a kind pieces with the perfect shoes? I marched straight on over to Bergdorf Goodman this week to see my go-to girl, Sara Armet, for all things shoes. [...]

MoMA Pieces Spoken Through Uniqlo Fabrics

Love walking through the exquisite exhibits at the MoMA? Yes! Obsessed with the colors + creativity of various pieces on the walls, but would do anything to take one home with you? Indeed, sugar! Well, thanks to a recent partnership between the Japanese fashion house, Uniqlo, and my all-time favorite art mothership, the MoMA, we [...]

Sunshine Into Casa Blanca

Since it’s not quite picnic weather in NYC, I decided to bring my potential Central Park dinner idea into the walls of Casa Blanca this past weekend. Oh, yes. The place was filled with Nashville friends I’ve known since I was two years old, high school, college to friends I’ve recently met in between! And [...]

Luxuriously Ladurée Soho

Although I’ve been beyond spoiled with having my all-time favorite caramel macarons of heaven just a quick hoppity skip from Casa Blanca on the Upper East, I now have a new + sweet reason to venture down below 14th. Oh, yes. Why? You make ask? Well hunny, Ladurée has brought a new type of European [...]

An Evening Of Casa Bakesby Blanca

When I walked into Casa Blanca after work, I was so excited to focus on the last minute touches of Cheers, Old Sports! I set up a ton of LED lights under all of the tables + hallways + kitchen galore. It was a whole other world that night! Plus, I think we all know [...]

Before All Things Gatsby Flappered On In…

Loving all things dancing, vibrant and my personal favorite, attention to detail, I was all over the release of The Great Gatsby movie last year. From the mucho champagne popping to the gorgeous costumes galore, I decided it was a must to recreate that mystical world in my flat, Casa Blanca. Hola! And after being [...]

Merry In My Sleigh Tunes

My sleigh bells are totally ringing this year. How? Why? Oh darling, Bonjour + Hola is here to help this season and make sure all of your little gifts to loved ones have an extra detailed touch! Our pick? That would be a homemade Sleigh Tunes CD. Hola! click here to listen to our sleigh [...]