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Park It In Style This Fall

Everyone has that one person they call to get trusted details on a restaurant or the it spots to be seen for a night out on the town. A romantic date spot, parents visiting type of scene, a group dinner…you name it! Well, I hate to give up my source, but this guy has never [...]

Cyrielle: A Day In Paris

During my high school days, I had the pleasure of meeting Cyrielle when she lived in Nashville as an exchange student. She was upbeat, fashionable and a great girl that I’ve admired ever since. Post getting to know each other in Music City, I had the opportunity to also see her side of life in [...]

In the Spotlight: Bari Cohn in Vermont

After living with this beautiful girl in London for a semester, the vibrant and outgoing, Bari Cohn, barely needs an introduction. She has an amazing reputation, is loved deeply by her friends, family and fabulous boyfriend, and is the the girl I always go to for advice…even on traveling! So, recently when I heard she [...]

In the Spotlight: Christina Pryor in Istanbul

A little over five years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the finest girls I know while interning at Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Her name is Christina Pryor, and she is such a gem who brings out the best qualities in everyone she meets. Recently, she took a fabulous trip to Istanbul, Turkey [...]

In the Spotlight: Anne Laurence in France

Holler…{that would be southern for Bonjour and Hola}! Today, I’m excited to announce a new feature in the Travelin’ section dubbed Travelin’ Through the Eyes of…………! I recently met up for a lunch date with my good friend, Anne Laurence, who just returned from a trip to France with her family. As she was describing [...]