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Category: Beauty

One Click. Case Closed!

Looking for the perfect lipstick to flaunt all Spring into Summer? Estée Lauder has got you covered, girl! Combining the intensity of statement shades {my favorite: ,sculpting definition through multi-faceted pigments and time-released Moisture Complex to seal-in hydration, the Pure Color Envy line is officially this señorita’s new go-to for all things color. Hola! The [...]


I’ve always tried to make a conscious effort to change my daily habits to benefit the environment. This Southern Belle is all about going green! But it wasn’t until I met a new fabulous friend a few weeks ago who opened my eyes {and views!} to a whole new way of living. Actress + environmentalist, Izabella [...]


Craving those luscious, yet totally plumped up puckers for Valentine’s Day? Look no further than Dr. Kaplan’s anti-aging products from Kaplan MD out in Beverly Hills! I mean, this world-renowned clinical and cosmetic dermatologist, Stuart H. Kaplan, M.D. IS the go-to for celebrities, models and beauty icons from all over the world. Tell more more! [...]

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You…

Craving those irresistible yet totally delicious puckers this fall? Look no further than the legendary brand of DuWop. Oh, yes. Between their Lip Venoms to Lip STYXX galore, DuWop always introduces the coolest treats for your lips! Best part? They’ve just launched a new flavor into their Venom kingdom…Hola! Combining the perfect blend of sweet [...]

Rise ‘n Shine with Patchology

Exhausted? Possibly hungover? Oh hunny, we’ve all been there. But when you add your job, meetings and other daily activities into your hectic schedule, the most important detail to conceal is well, just that. So when I heard about this new beauty product called Patchology, which is a three-step patch solution to eliminate the tell-tale [...]

Get Luminous with LUNA

With it being the most vital time {hola chicos!} to sport a summer glow, it’s official: we need step up our beauty routines with a reliable, futuristic solution. Immediately. So when I heard about a new TSonic pulsation device called Foreo LUNA mini just released into the market, I was all ears. Not only does [...]

The Future Of Beauty Delivered To Your Door

Living in NYC, my eyes immediately perk up when I hear of a new + innovative way to save my pennies. So when I heard through the grapevine about a cool + unprecedented monthly subscription service that allows it’s users to explore luxury beauty items at an incredibly low price, I was all ears. Hola! [...]

Strengthen. Lengthen. Tone.

After completing a 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge this past month, I’ve been on the search for the perfect workout class to not only keep my body yoga-toned, but to keep my muscles not bulky. Well, thanks to write-ups like this Betches Love This article, all showcasing how impressed everyone was with their toned up [...]

Lipstick Has Been Liquified

With summer arriving + the sun shining, there’s one thing I’m absolutely looking forward to: long days at the pool + beach! Hola tanning. But with the splish splashing and prancing away, there’s one {besides sunscreen} must we have to put into our beach bags. Long lasting lip gloss, of course! Luckily, Too Faced has [...]

Taking Care of Beauty Business

Heading to work absolutely exhausted after a night of #living? Or looking in the mirror to suddenly notice an unfriendly friend pop up on your face? Oh don’t you worry, we’ve all been there! But luckily, Bremenn Clinical has created two awesome products to help us prevent the appearance of what maybe the beginning of [...]

Resurface Your Glow With Tata Harper

With the Spring blingin’ and the sun shining, there’s no better time to focus on your skin than right now. But when you lather on that SPF during the day, it’s ultra important to recharge your skin at night too. Hola! My favorite way to replenish my skin in the evening? That would be with [...]

Higher The Hair, Closer To Heaven

Growing up in the South, I was given many lady-like tips about how to present myself in public. Whether it be responding “yes m’am or no sir” to any request or immediately placing my napkin onto my lap upon sitting at a table, I have to admit I was well-prepared of all things mannerly. Hola! [...]