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Category: Dating

Honey, MacPherson Shrunk The Ritz

Looking for a chill place to cozy up later this evening? Well, thanks to Sean MacPherson {aka the mastermind behind the Bowery Hotel, Maritime Hotel, The Jane…the list goes on!}, we don’t have to look further down than the reviving 8th street. Hola! Created with inspiration from his stays at the Hôtel de Saints Pères [...]

Taking Care of Beauty Business

Heading to work absolutely exhausted after a night of #living? Or looking in the mirror to suddenly notice an unfriendly friend pop up on your face? Oh don’t you worry, we’ve all been there! But luckily, Bremenn Clinical has created two awesome products to help us prevent the appearance of what maybe the beginning of [...]

Higher The Hair, Closer To Heaven

Growing up in the South, I was given many lady-like tips about how to present myself in public. Whether it be responding “yes m’am or no sir” to any request or immediately placing my napkin onto my lap upon sitting at a table, I have to admit I was well-prepared of all things mannerly. Hola! [...]

Effortlessly Indulging Into San Valentino

Before we smoochie de la roochie into this freezing Valentine’s Day weekend, why don’t we step back + uncork what our special someone would really j’adore this year…last minute style, of course! Whether it’s a little DIY, a little flirt, a little comfort or a little sweet, all are appreciated…for any Valentine! Craft up a [...]

Plumped For The Day Of Saint Valentine

With all things bright pink and red + a ton of smoochies being right around the corner, why don’t we plump up the month a bit with DuWop? Hola. Providing all products that enhance our puckers to the next level, DuWop has got your back this season so you don’t show up to your Valentine’s [...]


Hosting a party soon? Better yet, avoiding the frigid weather outside {like moi} before a big day ahead? Well, go ahead and cancel that inconvenient blowout down the road + tell your therapist you’ve met someone who’s always at your finger tips. Why…you may ask? Well hunny, GLAMSQUAD just launched this week and I’ve been [...]

Mannerly Monday: Téléphone Etiquette

Before you whip out that phone again, check out the top ten cell manners to memorize…thanks to Emily Post! Hola. 1. Be in control of your phone, don’t let it control you! 2. Speak softly. 3. Be courteous to those you are with; turn off your phone if it will be interrupting a conversation or [...]

Mannerly Monday: Do Unto Others…

When your teased bouffant is very much a part of your every day life, you can imagine my devastation as I was combing my fingers through my hair yesterday only to find a dollop of gum in the back. Oh yes, that happened. I don’t know how and I don’t know where, but that little [...]

Tie The Knot With Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Some brides splurge on their dress. Some brides splurge on their venue. Others, splurge on their cake! And I’m all over that sugary detail. Hola. And even though I am not even nearly close to having the wedding bells chime, I was ecstatic when Ron of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes invited me into his Soho bakery, [...]

Mannerly Monday: A Lady Wish

When a lady wishes to ask a man out on a date… She does not say: “I have an opening in my schedule; would you like to do something?” “I’ve had a friend cancel on me; are you available for dinner?” “Unless you are one of these insecure wimps who doesn’t like for a woman [...]

Mannerly Monday: Hostess With The Mostess

Between the Day of the Dead to Gobble til You Wobble soirées coming up before you can say hola, I thought it was a must to share some hostess tips on this fine Mannerly Monday. Whether you’re hosting ghoulish goblins to polished pilgrims in the next month or so, check out my three all-time favorite [...]

Mannerly Monday: Opera Style

Oh, hello Monday! It’s been too long, hunny. And although I could have gone one more day with sleeping past 630am before you arrived, I have to admit I’m pretty excited as to what this week has to offer! Between birthday celebrations and MoMA walk-throughs, this girl is all smiles at work today. But, I [...]