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Category: Fitness

It’s Timeless. It’s Iconic. It’s Boast USA.

Just returning back from a relaxing family trip to the South of France, I have to admit…there was one brand my brother and I loved sporting. And honestly, I just have to ‘boast’ about it to y’all! But before I had even placed my first Boast polo over my teased bouffant, I learned that a [...]

Strengthen. Lengthen. Tone.

After completing a 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge this past month, I’ve been on the search for the perfect workout class to not only keep my body yoga-toned, but to keep my muscles not bulky. Well, thanks to write-ups like this Betches Love This article, all showcasing how impressed everyone was with their toned up [...]

Friends Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

When it comes to inspiring people in my community, there are two individuals that immediately come to mind. Two girls. Best friends, actually, who both live each day to the fullest while promoting health and all things fitness in their daily classes. Emily Turner and Claire Gould, who met while working at lulu lemon way [...]

The New {Balance} Way To Run The World, Girls!

Thanks to global athletic leader, New Balance, a new kind of “night on the town” was just launched this month to help active, social women connect with each other and achieve personal fitness goals together. And with summer being sunny + totally present, I can’t think of a better way to spend girl time while [...]

Taco Mamacita Salad

Hola señoritas! In case you haven’t noticed, Cinco de Mayo marks summer being right around the sombrero. And if you’re anything like me + looking forward to prancing around the Hamptons this summer in a bikini, then keep reading…Hola! It’s officially time to start cutting back the cals, working out more, and eating healthier so [...]

Hipness Meets Fitness At Under Armour

Calling all sports fanatics! We officially have no excuse not to be looking all fit with a splash of hip this summer. Why is that? Oh hunny, Under Armor has totally launched their new store in Soho last week and trust me, it’s a must to go straight on over there after work today and [...]

Flex + Pole + Row Away From The Best Bod

Although I love to start every morning in SoulCycle’s rooster classes {shout out to my go-to girl, Emily Turner!}, it’s always fun to mix up my workout when I’m done with a long day behind the desk. So to get ready for Valentine’s Day, a beach trip, and spring fever coming right around the riverbend, [...]

Liberation Day Living

“If women had 24 hours to themselves, and money was no object, what would they do?” When I was faced with this question on a recent invitation from Vita Liberata to come and celebrate a newly launched initiative called Liberation Day, I was incredibly intrigued! What would I do with my time? Between having a [...]

Lorna Jane: It’s Not Just Activewear, It’s A Way Of Life

When I’m not at the office in a conservative dress, I’m known amongst my friends for sporting all things pro-workout gear. Whether it’s running errands, scouting knew exhibits at museums or just grabbing dinner with fellow señoritas, I’m pretty much a walking lululemon billboard {oh yes, head to toe}. What can I say? I live [...]

The Fhitting Room: Workout Smarter, Not Longer

Let’s face it. It’s almost time to say “adios!” to the cold weather {not to mention the release of bulky trenches…}, and say “hola!” to sunshine, bikinis and more importantly, summer. Finally! And while I couldn’t be more ecstatic about summer vacays {“barthhhelona” is so calling my name} and flaunting a tanned up glow {mostly [...]

B+H Top Weekend Pick: CYC’d On Life

If I hadn’t grown up on a strict dance schedule, I wouldn’t know how hard {and how long!} I need to push myself to get a really great workout. But it’s been a constant struggle to find a workout that I don’t have to do multiple times a day plus another class to feel like [...]

No Matter What. Sweat Every Day.

After my jaw literally dropped from seeing the new women’s gear featured in Under Armour commercials, it was a must I prance right on over to Sports Authority on Lexington to check out the new & improved merch! I mean, who doesn’t want to look like Natalie Uhling while working out? Hola! Scoping through the [...]