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I’ve always tried to make a conscious effort to change my daily habits to benefit the environment. This Southern Belle is all about going green! But it wasn’t until I met a new fabulous friend a few weeks ago who opened my eyes {and views!} to a whole new way of living. Actress + environmentalist, Izabella [...]


Simple. Delicate. Beautiful. Those three graceful words are just a few that first come to mind when I think of the word flowers. But until I met Angelica Gomes, owner of the demandingly fabulous flower brand Angelica Flowers and Events, I never knew you could combine, coordinate + create an upstanding masterpiece from a single [...]


The end of September’s Fashion Week is the perfect time to be inspired, brainstorm and add a little salt + pepper into your usual wardrobe. But before we start changing our nail colors, sleeve shapes and heels galore, there’s an instant trend I found that will elevate or intrigue your look. What on earth…you may [...]


One of my favorite things about working in real estate is exploring the amazing market, new developments and the luxe flats around NYC. Some of which I have to admit are beyond breathtaking. And although I would love to keep what I see on a daily basis on the hush-hush, there’s absolutely no fun in [...]


#GuacSwag via Minted strategically placed? Check! K-J AVANT wine perfectly chilled and ready to be poured? Check, check! Dress zipped up and bouffant teased to the high heavens? Oh yes, hunny! The GUAC-OFF was officially in action and ready to rumba! Hola. And since the guest list doubled for this year’s event, it was a [...]

Housing The World Of Tech

Being a detail oriented señorita who loves everything revolving around blogging, photography and essentially, all things tech, you can imagine my excitement when I first placed my two feet onto B&H’s family owned floors back at age 13. It was mind blowing. The sounds, the energy, the friendly-faced staff, the products. All of it! And [...]

Goodnight Moon

I don’t know about you…but having mucho caffeine throughout the day, phone calls boosting the levels of stress, and falling asleep amongst a city of bright lights, it can be incredibly hard to calm down from the crazy day and actually hit the sheets like a regular 20-something year old. But after being given a [...]

The Future Of All Things Storage

Being a New Yorker grants us to the opportunity to live through every season that blows across the island. What’s not to love? But when you’re living in a small space filled with puffy coats to bulky sweaters, it can be totally hard to fit the summer necessities in between! So when I was reorganizing [...]

Organizing For The Casa To The Jet Plane!

Now that I’m back in action in NYC, there’s some travel secret musts I just have to share! Before jetting down to South Beach this past weekend with my girl Jade, I pranced into The Container Store near my apartment and absolutely fell in love with their travel section. Did I mention it’s all on [...]

Evolving The Shower Experience

Working in the NYC real estate market, I am constantly exposed to the coolest + most innovative trends people are currently installing into their homes. And although I probably should do an entire post on my top picks of the casa trends, this one in particular stood out to me most and instantly deserved a [...]

Snuggle Up With BedHead

Looking forward to this work week coming to a close? I know I am! R+R is definitely a necessity for this señorita. But, why get all cozy if you don’t look BedHead fresh? Hola. Walking down on the LES, I saw a familiar sign reading BedHead on the street. Obviously, I popped right on into [...]

Create Macarons In Your Casa…Payard Style!

I’ve always admired the brilliant work of Francois Payard. Not only did he bring the first macaron to the States, but he continuously amazes his fans with innovative launches + expansions. And since I moved to NYC, he has been such a kind friend showing me the in’s + out’s of his talent {click here [...]