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Simple. Delicate. Beautiful. Those three graceful words are just a few that first come to mind when I think of the word flowers. But until I met Angelica Gomes, owner of the demandingly fabulous flower brand Angelica Flowers and Events, I never knew you could combine, coordinate + create an upstanding masterpiece from a single [...]

Housing The World Of Tech

Being a detail oriented señorita who loves everything revolving around blogging, photography and essentially, all things tech, you can imagine my excitement when I first placed my two feet onto B&H’s family owned floors back at age 13. It was mind blowing. The sounds, the energy, the friendly-faced staff, the products. All of it! And [...]

RAOUL: Flaunt Fabulous, Anywhere

With these Spring days slowly fading into Summer nights, it’s always hard to find that balance of what brand to flaunt fashionably from the office to a rooftop soirée. Luckily, I’ve found my go-to for all things Jackie O. with a splash of modernized chic. Hola! Oh, RAOUL, what have I done without you since [...]

Capturing The Detailed Art Of Happy Living

I recently had the urge to walk all the way from the UES down to Williamsburg on my day off. Oh yes, that happened. Hola! And although I most likely will not be walking another 19 mile trek anytime soon, I did bring my Nikon along for the ride. Well, thank goodness! Because I would [...]

Dazzling Flavor To All Paper

With all of the upcoming holidays, recent engagement announcments and parties galore, I thought it would be most appropriate to stop into my go-to for all things elegant and my personal favorite, paper. That’s Mrs. John L. Strong, of course. This mothership houses some of the most inspirational paper finds + creative little bits to [...]

Sneeze de la Kleenex

With the cold season bringing major sniffles + Rudolph noses, I thought it would be kind to provide guests at my Cheers, Old Sports soirée last week with Kleenex tissues in each room! Hola. But with the major roaring 20’s decor and Gatsby theme filling the air, I didn’t want ordinary boxes taking away from [...]

Effortlessly Indulging Into San Valentino

Before we smoochie de la roochie into this freezing Valentine’s Day weekend, why don’t we step back + uncork what our special someone would really j’adore this year…last minute style, of course! Whether it’s a little DIY, a little flirt, a little comfort or a little sweet, all are appreciated…for any Valentine! Craft up a [...]

Mannerly Monday: Téléphone Etiquette

Before you whip out that phone again, check out the top ten cell manners to memorize…thanks to Emily Post! Hola. 1. Be in control of your phone, don’t let it control you! 2. Speak softly. 3. Be courteous to those you are with; turn off your phone if it will be interrupting a conversation or [...]

Merrily Meaningful

With fa la la la la and dancer until you’re a prancer being right around the corner, it’s a must we not only get fabulous gifts all knotted + tied, but our meaningful cards written up as well. Hola! My favorites for the holiday season? connor’s fa la la la stationary {3 cards + 3 [...]

Merry In My Sleigh Tunes

My sleigh bells are totally ringing this year. How? Why? Oh darling, Bonjour + Hola is here to help this season and make sure all of your little gifts to loved ones have an extra detailed touch! Our pick? That would be a homemade Sleigh Tunes CD. Hola! click here to listen to our sleigh [...]

Crafted Into A True Southern Story

square leather coasters {with unique brands} Although waking up at 545am on a Saturday morning to go shooting sounds right up my alley, I opted to sleep in a little this past Thanksgiving weekend and get my vinyasa on. Hola! But when my dad and brother returned from a day of shooting down all that [...]

The Bee’s Knees In The Freezing Breeze

Brrr…it’s cold in here. But, oh hunny, there’s more than just a freezing breeze in this atmosphere! Obviously, it’s a must we all lather up the right way this season. And rather than putting on your generic lotion or Vaseline, how about we gracefully smooth on what the dermatologists suggest this season? Hola. Small enough [...]