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#GuacSwag via Minted strategically placed? Check! K-J AVANT wine perfectly chilled and ready to be poured? Check, check! Dress zipped up and bouffant teased to the high heavens? Oh yes, hunny! The GUAC-OFF was officially in action and ready to rumba! Hola. And since the guest list doubled for this year’s event, it was a [...]

Capturing The Detailed Art Of Happy Living

I recently had the urge to walk all the way from the UES down to Williamsburg on my day off. Oh yes, that happened. Hola! And although I most likely will not be walking another 19 mile trek anytime soon, I did bring my Nikon along for the ride. Well, thank goodness! Because I would [...]

Every Mother Counts With Minted

It’s never too early to be thinking about the day of celebrating all the mamas! But instead of sending her the generic card of “thanks for being an awesome mom” or a flower delivery to the house, how about we step up our game this year? All for a good cause, of course. Hola! Minted, [...]

Dazzling Flavor To All Paper

With all of the upcoming holidays, recent engagement announcments and parties galore, I thought it would be most appropriate to stop into my go-to for all things elegant and my personal favorite, paper. That’s Mrs. John L. Strong, of course. This mothership houses some of the most inspirational paper finds + creative little bits to [...]

Sunshine Into Casa Blanca

Since it’s not quite picnic weather in NYC, I decided to bring my potential Central Park dinner idea into the walls of Casa Blanca this past weekend. Oh, yes. The place was filled with Nashville friends I’ve known since I was two years old, high school, college to friends I’ve recently met in between! And [...]

Effortlessly Indulging Into San Valentino

Before we smoochie de la roochie into this freezing Valentine’s Day weekend, why don’t we step back + uncork what our special someone would really j’adore this year…last minute style, of course! Whether it’s a little DIY, a little flirt, a little comfort or a little sweet, all are appreciated…for any Valentine! Craft up a [...]

Merrily Meaningful

With fa la la la la and dancer until you’re a prancer being right around the corner, it’s a must we not only get fabulous gifts all knotted + tied, but our meaningful cards written up as well. Hola! My favorites for the holiday season? connor’s fa la la la stationary {3 cards + 3 [...]

Merry In My Sleigh Tunes

My sleigh bells are totally ringing this year. How? Why? Oh darling, Bonjour + Hola is here to help this season and make sure all of your little gifts to loved ones have an extra detailed touch! Our pick? That would be a homemade Sleigh Tunes CD. Hola! click here to listen to our sleigh [...]

The Style + Grace Of An RSVP

RSVP’s. We’ve all been there. Attending, not attending, coordinating…somehow if your name is involved, you’re involved! But what’s the common courtesy of how and when to reply to your host? Oh, dear ones, it’s a must we carry on the fabulous etiquette tradition. So for this Mannerly Monday, I turned to Emily Post’s tips on [...]

Candy Land Of All Things Detail Fabulous

Being a Southern belle who loves all things paper + entertaining + attention to detail, you can imagine my excitement when I was first exposed to Pinhole Press last year at the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. And although I’m not even remotely close to being engaged, married or popping out the little ones, [...]

Finger Hocus Before The Party Pocus

Considering to invite a few friends over for a dinner party filled of all things ghoulish and glam this month? Oh darling, I think it’s a boo-tiful idea! But instead of sending out the standard holiday invite, why not mix it up a bit this year…shall we? Howl. So as I was stalking Pinterest and [...]

Stamping Up A Merci + Gracias

After being overwhelmed with Birthday love yesterday, it’s a total must I get going on all of my merci + gracias notes…asap! But this Southern chica can’t just send out those generic little thank you cards showing my mucho appreciation to the ones I love. So I pranced right on over to my mothership, Paper [...]