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Stamp. Glitter. Shake. Bake.

Alright readers, I’ve decided to take my creativity up a notch this holiday season with my gift giving. How? I’m going to make my own gift tags and greeting cards for my friends and family. With what? Starting with one word: a stamp. Oh, yes…

Since I love to be inspired by other creative people, I pranced right on into Paper Presentation {my mother ship} to meet with my favorite girl in their craft department, Valarie Torchon. She couldn’t have been more open to my desire to learn about how to glam up my stamping skills!

What you will need: A Christmas Stamp, Zap Embossing Heat Gun, Zing Embossing Powder and VersaMark Ink Pad {if you want to emboss over the glitter!}

I asked Valarie how I could enhance an ordinary stamped gift tag, label or greeting card into something that looked chic and professionally made. She knew exactly what to do! Valarie gathered all of the essentials that we would need to add a little “salt and pepper” to my future projects at home.

She rubbed the paper down with an absorbing pillow so the glitter wouldn’t fly anywhere else on the table!

I watched as Valarie precisely pressed the stamp onto the paper. Make sure to push hard!

She sprinkled her favorite accessory, glitter, onto the design!

Just shake the excess of it back into the original jar…hola! The mess has silently disappeared.

To make the card look extra glam, Valarie pulled out my new favorite friend…an embossing heat gun. You have no idea how much this is going to rock your world this season!

With the sound like my go-to blow dryer, this embossing heat gun baked the ink and got the job done. Leaving a hip glossy look to the design!

Trust me, y’all, you can make some major hits for your family and friends this season…starting with a stamp!

Stamp. Glitter. Shake. Bake.

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