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Hippity-Hop To An Easter Tea Party

Before all of my NYC tribal bunnies hopped away to celebrate the holiday weekend, I thought it would be properly fabulous to host a tea party…Easter style, of course! But when the day arrived and the sun was shining bright like a diamond, I decided it was a must we took advantage of the gorgeous day and turn our ordinary tea party into a tea party picnic. Hola!

Francois Payard was gracious enough to sponsor our tea party feature with Kendall-Jackson and give us the most precious chocolate bunnies + hip egg to place as the centerpiece. And it was so hard not to bite into all of them before I took pictures of all the blanket treats! Best part? Each of the Payard Easter chocolates featured here have little surprises inside. And obviously you have to get some for yourself to see what you find post bite! Bonjour.

sweets + treats from francois payard {love the bunnies + egg!}

Since I was working this past Sunday and couldn’t bring a ton of baskets to the office, I decided to tell the ducklings to bring their favorite afternoon tea treats. And it was so much fun to see what was inside their Easter baskets!

colorfully so english of us

finger sandwiches from tea & sympathy

lemon squares via citarella

brie + all things cheese

scones + cream cheese thrones via tea & sympathy

scrumptious apple pie

joyous blueberry pie

exquisite eclairs

little spoons to match the decor via paper presentation

kendall-jackson AVANT chardonnay {a tea party must!}

crisp + bright + with a sniff of apple and lemon flavors. so divine.

best part? K-J AVANT wines {just launched} are all screw cap! totally perfect for a day in the park!

cheers to the tribe

andy davis blowing out a wish post birthday!

lovely group for a classic celebration of spring + the hoppity bunny

julia decided mr. peter rabbit didn’t necessarily need his ear for the afternoon. hola.

Whether you’re looking to take your bunny festivities outside this weekend or just want some inspiration on how to throw your own tea party picnic with friends this Spring, I hope this feature helps you get out of your basket + get creative! Happy Easter! B+H

This afternoon was sponsored by Kendall-Jackson and Francois Payard, but the opinions and views expressed in this post are completely my own.

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