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Live Each Day Like It’s Your Birthday

If you go out to dinner with Baker, chances are you will see the staff singing you happy birthday and have a candle in front of you by dessert. Hola! So it probably doesn’t come as a shock to find that I begin celebrating my birthday around a month before the actual date. I treat my birthday as a national holiday…always have, always will! And to kick off the pre birthday celebrations, I couldn’t think of a better way to announce this fabulous month ahead than to have the lovies around my dining table for a summer casual-chic dinner. My favorite gems from the evening?

photography by: shari hoffman

montage champagne galore

minglin’ with my faves

smiles on smiles


old friends, new friends

multitasking at its finest

welcome girlfran


bourbon or champagne?

besties #gregory


cheers y’all #barefootcontessa


opa senor

here you go girl #hydration


stunning ‘cuser



all about that candlelight #bestfeatures

pass it around

hungry no more

welcome to a baker party

when in doubt, say yes to more wine

celebration station time

happy pre birthday to me! #whynot

papparazzi glam

Whether you’re planning your upcoming birthday soiree or just want to pre-start the celebrations early {like yours truly!}, I hope this feature inspires you in more ways than one. When in doubt, hosting a casual dinner and celebrating with a candle {or mucho} makes any dinner that much better…not to mention more fun. Hola!


Photography by: Shari Hoffman

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