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Category: Restaurants


Between kicking off the busy holidays and adjusting to the ever-forgettable {absolutely freezing!} weather, there is one event I always look forward to hosting each year. That would be Friendsgiving! Hola. And with this year marking the Fourth Annual Friendsgiving dinner, it’s so much fun to not only remember the fun memories with this blessed [...]

A Bonjour In Each Bite

Inspired by all things French, I was pleasantly delighted while walking through the busy Hell’s Kitchen to find a politely placed new spot titled: Poulette. Hola! Little did I know that this place not only just opened, but they actually specialize in serving the history of French cooking traditions. Main focus over at Poulette? That [...]

The Butcher’s Daughter

Oh, Nolita. You never seize to amaze me! Between you’re creative vibe and restaurants filled with all of the delicious + divine, this girl is always satisfied. But, there’s one spot that deserves to be raved about…all hail to one of my all-time places to chill, catch up with the gals, or personal favorite, indulge [...]

Lavo’s Chopped “Louie” Salad

When you’re the executive chef at one of the most popular restaurants in NYC, it’s a given you’re a top tier chef, but being super quick in the kitchen is the way to satisfy a busy New Yorker’s appetite, and keep them coming back for more. So when I was pondering about perfect summer dishes to [...]

Go Down Under With Pie Face

Hailing all the way from Down Under, Pie Face has officially given New Yorkers a new take on the traditional Aussie meat pie. And with eight stores being present in the city + more locations opening up across the country this year, Pie Face is totally here to stay! Hola. my go-to? the cheesy meat [...]

Head Over Cookie Heels

I’m always on the hunt for fragrant sweets + clouds of cream to munch on out and about the city. So when I was over in Brooklyn recently prancing around, I stumbled upon this ultra cute + quaint shop called One Girl Cookies in Dumbo. Hola! Filled with all sorts of goodies to satisfy anyone’s [...]

Nutella Made Trendy

Already a huge fan of the Mario Batali mothership {also known as Eataly!} down in Flatiron? Well darling, we will all be spending a bit more time there now after a recent addition to their family! Hola. On Monday, the Eataly teamed launched their new hit for those craving all things Nutella. Their Nutella Bar, [...]

Celebrate The Mamas…The Sweet Way!

Brainstorming for a last minute touch to bring a sweet smile to your mom’s face this Sunday? Well, look no further than the infamous Magnolia Bakery! Satisfying customers with their fluffy cupcakes, custom cakes + delicious banana puddings, you will be in and out of this fabulous desserts workshop in a hot skip beat! Hola. [...]

The True Taste Of Family Tradition

Looking for the perfect place to pick up some amazing apps for an upcoming party? Or just want a great cafe to have friends gather for a yummy brunch? Look no further than Russ and Daughters. Located in the heart of East Houston Street, this lovely shop not only holds true to Russ and Daughter [...]

Sip Your Juice + Save Your Piggy Bank

A fan of the overly addicting Liquiteria in the city? Um, yes…give me that Killer XX any day, sugar pie! Well, listen up y’all. The former managing partner of Liquiteria has recently opened a new juice mothership called The Juice Shop, and I’m seriously all over it. Not only is it centrally located on 22nd [...]

A New Layer Of Cheese On 8th Street

Spending some time in Madison, Wisconsin last year, there was one type of food I absolutely loved indulging into…cheese curds! And don’t worry, they were worth every bite of excitement. But being based in NYC, these little curds of joy are not ones I get to see very often. So you can imagine my excitement [...]

Celebrate Spring At Gotham West Market

Strolling up and down the city streets is one of my favorite things to do on my day off…or any day I’m not at the office! So when I stumbled across a place my friends have been raving about on the west side of town called Gotham West Market, it was a must to prance [...]