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Simple. Delicate. Beautiful. Those three graceful words are just a few that first come to mind when I think of the word flowers. But until I met Angelica Gomes, owner of the demandingly fabulous flower brand Angelica Flowers and Events, I never knew you could combine, coordinate + create an upstanding masterpiece from a single [...]

A Tisket, A Tasket…Happy Easter!

A tisket, a tasket…I hope you got a fabulous Easter basket! Happy Easter from the Bonjour + Hola family to yours!x [...]

A Tisket A Tasket Luncheon

Growing up, my mother was always the one who taught me how to do all girly things correctly! From showing me how to correctly tie a bow to improving my Southern manners, charm and cooking skills on a daily basis, she is literally the “bees knees” in my book. But there’s one area this woman [...]

My Texas Mothership

Although I totally thought the top rated Milk + Honey Spa was going to be my mothership during a work trip to Austin {well, it is really fabulous…and a must!}, there was another spot that caught my big brown eyes: Whole Foods Market. This healthy grocery is a go-to for me in NYC, but little [...]

A Modern Floral Milieu

Known for creating impeccable floral arrangements with a modern twist, Ovando is a popular go-to floral designer for everyone from fashion designers to hostesses of the chic parties in NYC. When I opened my door yesterday to find a fabulous fuchsia orchid masterpiece in the hands of an Ovanda representative, I just about fell over in my [...]

Light It On Up!

Summer is filled of some pretty fabulous things…cold rosé while sitting outdoors at a restaurant, sunbathing out East and my personal favorite: grilling! But unfortunately with living in the city, there’s not much opportunity for lighting up, which is why I take full advantage when I visit home! Turn on that Egg y’all…my faves to grill [...]

The Good Apple

As we say goodnight to summer sunshine, slurping smoothies and flaunting string bikinis, we have to keep ourselves surrounded by something sweet. What says sweet better, especially in October, than fresh crisp apples? Between the apple picking trips I’ve got on the calendar with my girlfriends this month or seeing on FreshDirect that Honeycrisp apples [...]

Fresh Food. Best Price. NYC Gem.

For all of you Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s regulars out there, I have a small request. Try a new place…even if it’s only for one day! You’ll surprise yourself with a fun new experience. Next Thursday or Friday, I dare you to grab a cup of iced coffee from The Grey Dog on University [...]