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Category: Trends on the Street

One Click. Case Closed!

Looking for the perfect lipstick to flaunt all Spring into Summer? Estée Lauder has got you covered, girl! Combining the intensity of statement shades {my favorite: ,sculpting definition through multi-faceted pigments and time-released Moisture Complex to seal-in hydration, the Pure Color Envy line is officially this señorita’s new go-to for all things color. Hola! The [...]


I’ve always tried to make a conscious effort to change my daily habits to benefit the environment. This Southern Belle is all about going green! But it wasn’t until I met a new fabulous friend a few weeks ago who opened my eyes {and views!} to a whole new way of living. Actress + environmentalist, Izabella [...]


Looking for the perfect way to combine your love of Valentine’s Day and share the love to your closest with the mostest? Why not throw a last-minute VDAY dinner party this weekend? Hola! Actually, I did just that earlier this week at Casa Blanca to get friends excited about the all things red + pink [...]


Craving those luscious, yet totally plumped up puckers for Valentine’s Day? Look no further than Dr. Kaplan’s anti-aging products from Kaplan MD out in Beverly Hills! I mean, this world-renowned clinical and cosmetic dermatologist, Stuart H. Kaplan, M.D. IS the go-to for celebrities, models and beauty icons from all over the world. Tell more more! [...]


Between kicking off the busy holidays and adjusting to the ever-forgettable {absolutely freezing!} weather, there is one event I always look forward to hosting each year. That would be Friendsgiving! Hola. And with this year marking the Fourth Annual Friendsgiving dinner, it’s so much fun to not only remember the fun memories with this blessed [...]


There are so many things I absolutely love about the fall! The holiday cooking, the chunky sweaters, the scenic retail windows…not to mention the #boyfriendweather. But one of my favorite activities to kick off the entire season of celebration would have to be getting up on a brisk weekend morning, meeting my fabulous NYC friends [...]


Simple. Delicate. Beautiful. Those three graceful words are just a few that first come to mind when I think of the word flowers. But until I met Angelica Gomes, owner of the demandingly fabulous flower brand Angelica Flowers and Events, I never knew you could combine, coordinate + create an upstanding masterpiece from a single [...]

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You…

Craving those irresistible yet totally delicious puckers this fall? Look no further than the legendary brand of DuWop. Oh, yes. Between their Lip Venoms to Lip STYXX galore, DuWop always introduces the coolest treats for your lips! Best part? They’ve just launched a new flavor into their Venom kingdom…Hola! Combining the perfect blend of sweet [...]


The end of September’s Fashion Week is the perfect time to be inspired, brainstorm and add a little salt + pepper into your usual wardrobe. But before we start changing our nail colors, sleeve shapes and heels galore, there’s an instant trend I found that will elevate or intrigue your look. What on earth…you may [...]

It’s Timeless. It’s Iconic. It’s Boast USA.

Just returning back from a relaxing family trip to the South of France, I have to admit…there was one brand my brother and I loved sporting. And honestly, I just have to ‘boast’ about it to y’all! But before I had even placed my first Boast polo over my teased bouffant, I learned that a [...]


One of my favorite things about working in real estate is exploring the amazing market, new developments and the luxe flats around NYC. Some of which I have to admit are beyond breathtaking. And although I would love to keep what I see on a daily basis on the hush-hush, there’s absolutely no fun in [...]


In case you didn’t realize, it’s finally Friday! And oh, I am beyond ecstatic to hop on a plane after work tonight and head back home to the one and only, Music City. Why? Not only because the city is totally growing + thriving like never before, but one of my great friends growing up, [...]