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Category: The Arts

Iconic Eyes On Warhol Canvases

When someone even remotely asks this girl who my favorite icon is for all things fashion, there is one remarkable woman I always reply: Jackie O, of course. Known for her classic look + elegant style, Jackie is one I always compare myself to before walking out the Casa Blanca doors. Would Jackie wear this? [...]

MoMA Pieces Spoken Through Uniqlo Fabrics

Love walking through the exquisite exhibits at the MoMA? Yes! Obsessed with the colors + creativity of various pieces on the walls, but would do anything to take one home with you? Indeed, sugar! Well, thanks to a recent partnership between the Japanese fashion house, Uniqlo, and my all-time favorite art mothership, the MoMA, we [...]

Merry In My Sleigh Tunes

My sleigh bells are totally ringing this year. How? Why? Oh darling, Bonjour + Hola is here to help this season and make sure all of your little gifts to loved ones have an extra detailed touch! Our pick? That would be a homemade Sleigh Tunes CD. Hola! click here to listen to our sleigh [...]

It’s a total “Oh My” Experience at Neue Galerie

Being a fan of all things Upper East Side, historical, and artistic, Neue Galerie was an instant fit for this señorita. But when I heard their newest exhibit was featuring Kandinsky, it was a must to go there immediately. Why? Oh, hunny. From the moment I saw Vasily Kandinsky featured in one of my all-time [...]

The Woman Behind The Icon

Known for all things beauty, Hollywood glam, and gorgeously royal, Grace Kelly will truly be an iconic figure for a lifetime. And although the majority of us were not even born before her unexpected death from a fatal car crash at age 52, Grace Kelly is still present through an exhibit for us to get [...]

Mannerly Monday: Opera Style

Oh, hello Monday! It’s been too long, hunny. And although I could have gone one more day with sleeping past 630am before you arrived, I have to admit I’m pretty excited as to what this week has to offer! Between birthday celebrations and MoMA walk-throughs, this girl is all smiles at work today. But, I [...]

Vintage Down A New Lane

Picking out new accent pieces for Casa Blanca? That is one I am constantly on the hunt for around the city! But since my apartment has more of a modern feel to it, I’ve found I’m dramatically more drawn to purchasing vintage pieces to mix it up a bit. And although I could spend hours [...]

Capturing The Art Of Fashion

With Fashion Week shining bright around the city this week, I wanted to step back and think about the exciting creativity + dedication other New Yorkers are into at the moment…with a fashion influence, of course! So when I saw these fantastic shots of one of my best friends, Jamie Barnes, on Insta + Facebook [...]

It’s Your Turn To Make A Difference. Wear It Don’t Bear It.

founder of wear it don’t bear it: toby milstein Whether it be a personal or public tragedy, we are all affected by the various struggles that life throws our way. But speaking up to actually make a difference on the issue? Many of us try but rarely act to help victims…especially when you’re still in [...]

A Modern Art Affair

Partying like a wild animal all week for someone named Armory? Well, in case you’re not already in the scene of all things art, we’ve been raising our glasses to Armory Arts Week…you know, from cheering on Solange at the MoMA’s 2013 Armory Party this past Wednesday night to stiletto-ing uptown to the Museum Mile. [...]

Access Behind Celeb’s Taste

From the moment my friend Tony Monte pitched a TV project he was working on to me last year, I knew the concept he described of combining celebrities, culture and food into one show was going to be an immediate hit. Not only is the show upbeat, informative and genuinely engaging, but it’s an incredible [...]

Discover the World of B.B. Bright

Growing up with a solid group of friends in Nashville, it has been beyond amazing to see what directions they’ve all taken with their careers, and their brilliant successes. One of my dear friends, Caroline Randall Williams, has always been my go-to girl for all things literature or even on how to throw a proper [...]