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Summer Chic Dinner Party

Oh hello, summer! We sure did miss you. Not to mention endless Whispering Angel rosé, sunset beach walks and my personal favorite, outdoor dinner parties. So when Munchkin’s CEO asked our event team to host a dinner party for thirty-two people visiting LA this past week, we couldn’t wait to get our hands wet with not only mucho flowers, but tons of candles. It’s all about that lighting, darlin’. Hola!

Between the stunning flowers {via Velvet Garden}, exquisite party rentals {via Premiere Party Rents}, on-point catering {via Heirloom LA} and fabulous weather, I have to admit it was an incredible evening!

with the unforgettable work wife!

There was no way I could host a dinner party without the talented eye behind the lense present: Shari Hoffman. She truly captures the perfect moments and angles from natural light!

Whether you’re hosting a summer dinner party or are just craving to host a chic night out with some friends this summer, I hope this feature inspires you in more ways than one. Cheers to dinner, the summer chic way!

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