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A Tea Taste of Springtime

After ending up in the boondocks of Brooklyn, catching the first subway back to the city and looking for the perfect place to escape the freezing wind blowing in my face, I looked no further than The Crosby Hotel. But little did I know housed within this angelic-like hotel are not only friendly smiles and [...]

Bonjour + Hola, Macaron Day NYC

Not only did these fabulous rays of sunshine roll in the official first day of spring, but they also are bringing a sweet touch to this special day! Why? Oh darling, it’s Macaron Day in NYC today! Hola. Created in 2010 by Francois Payard, chef and owner of FP Patisserie and Francois Payard Bakery in [...]

Fashionably Nix The Sniff

With the bipolar weather bringing on mucho sniffles, it’s a must for a señorita to have an easy tissue to access at all times. Runny nose while flirting it up at a bar? I’m fine! That’s why I am absolutely obsessed with Kleenex’s new + stylish on-the-go Slim Pack tissues designed by Isaac Mizrahi. Not [...]

Luxuriously Ladurée Soho

Although I’ve been beyond spoiled with having my all-time favorite caramel macarons of heaven just a quick hoppity skip from Casa Blanca on the Upper East, I now have a new + sweet reason to venture down below 14th. Oh, yes. Why? You make ask? Well hunny, Ladurée has brought a new type of European [...]

Steam & Spray Into Spring

After the last guests flappered out of Casa Blanca + the last glass had been drunk, this girl was one tired señorita! But waking up to a filthy place? I’m fine! Yours truly stayed up until the wee hours {SoulCycle was a gorgeous experience at 7am the next morning…} gathering up all of the party [...]

An Evening Of Casa Bakesby Blanca

When I walked into Casa Blanca after work, I was so excited to focus on the last minute touches of Cheers, Old Sports! I set up a ton of LED lights under all of the tables + hallways + kitchen galore. It was a whole other world that night! Plus, I think we all know [...]

Before All Things Gatsby Flappered On In…

Loving all things dancing, vibrant and my personal favorite, attention to detail, I was all over the release of The Great Gatsby movie last year. From the mucho champagne popping to the gorgeous costumes galore, I decided it was a must to recreate that mystical world in my flat, Casa Blanca. Hola! And after being [...]

Sneeze de la Kleenex

With the cold season bringing major sniffles + Rudolph noses, I thought it would be kind to provide guests at my Cheers, Old Sports soirée last week with Kleenex tissues in each room! Hola. But with the major roaring 20′s decor and Gatsby theme filling the air, I didn’t want ordinary boxes taking away from [...]

Dishing Into The Oscar Scene

Looking forward to the Oscars this weekend? Why not enhance the viewing experience and host a dinner party? Hola. Better yet, have your guests bring over a different dish related to their favorite nominees! I’ve hosted an Oscar party for the past three years, and this simple guest request not only makes the whole soirée [...]

Bonjour + Hola’s 3rd Birthday!

Today marks a very exciting day…it’s Bonjour + Hola’s 3rd birthday! And oh my, what a fabulous ride it has been these past three years. A few favorite memories B+H got into so far? Hola. a bubbles + burgers birthday merry in my sleigh tunes casa cooking at its finest wine down right with mcfadden [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sending all of you and your valentines mucho x’s + o’s on this special day! [...]

Effortlessly Indulging Into San Valentino

Before we smoochie de la roochie into this freezing Valentine’s Day weekend, why don’t we step back + uncork what our special someone would really j’adore this year…last minute style, of course! Whether it’s a little DIY, a little flirt, a little comfort or a little sweet, all are appreciated…for any Valentine! Craft up a [...]